Rodialos Mansion

The Island

You now find yourselves on a crossroad of three continents: Europe, Asia, Africa. A land of rare beauty and rare tradition. Of long history and a unique civilization. Thousands of people have passed through here before. Some as travellers, others as conquerors. To all of them, Crete gave part of its soul and, in return ,took part of their hearts. In this land the light, the climate, nature and history have all come together in the island’s distinct character.

In this land tradition is still vibrant.

In this land hospitality is sacred.

In this land the sea is still pure.

Crete still stands pristine, despite the changes brought on by mass tourism: The modern form of conquest…

Rethymnon, a picturesque town 18 km to the west, is a good choice for day and night entertainment. Its carnival in spring, the renaissance festival and the wine fiesta in the summer are all great sources of entertainment. A frequent bus runs between Panormon and Rethymnon till late at night.

To visit the Cretan capital Heraklion, head 60m km to the east, where Knossos Palace and the famous antiquity museum are located. For Chania, Crete’s most beautiful city, full of antiquities, continue past Rethymnon for another 56 km.

Heraklion and Chania both have international airports with numerous daily flights, as well as ferries to Piraeus and the Aegean islands. During the summer, the large towns have daily ferries to Piraeus and other islands.

More excursions? Many! The verdant country in the west, the east with its unique light, the Libean Sea in the south and the mountains in the interior are all within reach. Crete is a diverse island, full of sights and interests – don’t forget to ask us for information; we have proposals for any mood. And don’t worry, wherever you go, you’ll be back by dusk. Crete is an island, long and thin, and Rodialos stands at the half way point, equidistant from each end.