Rodialos Mansion

Greek Language Lessons


Greek language seminars with Myrte Jansen of Taalhuis Amsterdam.

Duration: One week.

Myrte Jansen speaks many languages. She gained her love and appreciation for the greek language and culture through her father. She has studied greek literature and speaks greek just like a native. She runs her school “Taalhuis” in Amsterdam, Netherlands with her friend and colleague Angelliki Papastamatou. She travels several times a year to locations around Europe to teach people who are interested in learning languages as part of their holidays.

Students who have expressed interest in joining her class here in Greece include people from all over the world who have chosen Greece/Crete as their new home.

Rodialos unique location is the place Myrte has chosen for her classes as it combines greek language lessons with full accommodation, together, if somebody likes, with ,–what better way to learn about cretan culture than food-, cretan cuisine seminars!