Rodialos Mansion

Our View

Rodialos is an attempt to concentrate all of Crete’s qualities into a uniquely alternative holiday.

Our priority is the environment and its protection.

When you arrive at the house don’t look for umbrellas and deck-chairs. These are unnecessary accessories. Instead look for a cool natural shade made of stone to gaze at the Cretan sea. Do not look for flowers,not that we don’t love them. But we also love the natural flora of the landscape and all the creatures that nestle there, so we have not replaced these natives with others and because we save water…

Discover our aromatic plants, herbs and wild greenery.

Eat a juicy tomato or a grape. Collect fresh vegetables and fruits straight from the field around you enjoy and then …recycle .

Last but not least: Wake up early to see the sun rising from the sea and later watch it sink back in. That’s when the house is at its best. When the colours of the day fuse together with the pomegranate tree, the sea and the light.

Then everything smells of Crete!

A pomegranate tree-Afrodite’s tree- symbol of harmony and fertility, with its “magic” fruits, unbreakably connected to our traditions and legends, “the killer of darkness” as Elitis-another great greek poet- says, dominates the patio and gives the house half its name. The other half is offered by the sea that girts it.

“Rodialos” in greek language means, “The pomegranate tree of the sea” or, “the coast of the pomegranate tree”