Rodialos Mansion

Panormon and neihborhood

The village of Panormon,with its picturesque port and streets has  the character of an old little town.It lies 1 km east of the villa.  A pleasent stroll will bring you to good tavernas with delicious local specialities and fresh fish, cute bars and all kinds of shops open till late at night all week long.

Margarites is another traditional village famous for its pottery art since Minoan times. It lies 12km to the south and a bit further the historical monastery of Arkadi. A short excursion there through old olive groves is a “must”.

Anogia lies 30km to the south, on top of mount Idi, Crete’s highest mountain, full of legents and tales of times long passed. A myth says, that Zeus, the king of gods was grown there among its shepherds. The unique local character, the rich history, the musical tradition, the landscape and the view from the mountain are unforgettable!