Rodialos Mansion

Cooking Seminars

Symposia: An alternative tour on Cretan taste.

Symposia are simple lessons on Cretan cuisine as it has survived since the era of ancient Minoa. Cretan cuisine is well known as one of the healthiest in the world and that is not due solely to the natural goodness of olive oil. The secrets of this art lie in the constant adjustment to the needs of the guests while preparation continues, known to Cretans long before it became famous.

Our ways of cooking are deeply contextual: the organic and seasonal ingredients, the temperature outside and the activities that precede and follow a meal all inform the menu. Our knowledge of healthy yet rich meals, our research into old recipes (adding our own idiosyncrasies) all come together in a Cretan Grande Cuisine!

Each Symposium lasts from one to seven days and will introduce you to seasonal products in a harmonic succession: meat, vegetables, fish, pasta, poultry, legumes. Each day we create a full meal, with starter, main course, salad, coffee and dessert. Wine and spirits are on the house. We also provide meals for vegetarians.
The day begins at about 10 am with a Cretan breakfast and a discussion about the  day’s menu. After we have enjoyed a swim, a walk, reading maybe, or simply helped the cook to collect ingredients from the garden, we gather together for a starter (meze) and start cooking.

Later on, around the table, we enjoy our selection of starters along with drinking and discussion.

The conversation usually begins with the recipe-also available to you in writing-, procceds to the topic of “cooking and civilization”, which includes almost everything: History, interests, customs, politics, art and of course your opinion about our cuisine. And! There you have it: True globalization is achieved, smoothly and gently, via food!

By the way,we  run cooking seminars since 1998! Always with organic products, -our products-, strictly seasonal cretan,  meals, according to the old  authentic recipes. And this is still the difference between us and others…

Afterwards, during coffee or aperitifs with local sweets – we exchange suggestions for the rest of the day and at about 5 pm the guests are ready for a short nap, before continuing with the rest of the night.

Last but not least: There are no rules, nor a strict timetable. Nothing is compulsory. Therefore, whenever the guests feel like it, they or we can cook and we shall eat!

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